Our effort is aimed at making the process simpler and interssting for both teacheres and students through interactive learing in collabrative envvironment.

We are an Education Technology company, inspired by the thought of transforming how we work and learn. Fostered with the foundations of changing the way knowledge can be shared, our products and solutions are conceived and built with the single most objective of empowering everyone — from primary school students and educators alike to innovators in the highest echelons of research and development.

Our innovative solutions enhance collaboration amongst learners and educators to come together to explore and expand on ideas, bringing them to life without geographical or technological limitations.

At CLEVERTOUCH, we believe that imparting “education is an art” in itself. The whole process of teaching-learning has to be enamoured by being imaginative, narrative, expressive and driven by the curiosity of the infinite possibilities. And, Technology truly is a tool that has endless opportunities in making education interesting and exciting for both educators and learners in a classroom environment.

Classroom Solutions

Our classroom solutions, creates a collaborative environment which activates and stimulates multiple senses (auditory, visual and kinaesthetic senses) for learners to explore and learn beyond the realms of classroom’s four walls. The product and solutions are designed and developed to enable interactive learning in every segment of education. Our technologically-advanced solutions empower the teachers in the classroom to take chances; which in turn makes learning engaging for the students.

Campus Solutions

Beyond classrooms, our campus solution helps track students in real time in campus as well as in their bus routes too. Our powerful RFID based Library Management solutions help manage library efficiently as well as allows students to self allocate and deposit books.

This is why customers choose us

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Within a year, our products are in more than 3000 classrooms across India

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Fastest growing EdTech company in India. Our customers trust us “more” by investing on our products, propelling our unprecedented growth.

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Only Education Technology company with ISO 9001:2015 for Design and Development of Collaboration technology hardware and software.

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Only company in India who has its Interactive White Boards tested and certified by Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS). Ushering in quality products for quality education.

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Our client relationship is managed by qualified educators who were senior teachers themselves. No one understand education the way it is to be understood.

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‘End to end’ Edu Tech solutions: No one has the wide range of education technology product and solutions like us. Solutions for every segment of education world.

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We are only hardware and software company who builds product meant for education. The detailing, design and features are built keeping and educator and learner in mind.

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Finally, our customers are our stakeholders. We answer to none, but our customers for they run our company. And, hence we keep customer success as our only goal


  • We understand the education technology solutions
  • We build products dedicated for education
  • We support through the entire product life cycle

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