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Powered by CLEVERLynx software, CLEVER Board is one of the most robust learning solution built for modern day classrooms.

CLEVER Board® 7i Interactive Whiteboard

An interactive whiteboard, CLEVERBoard™ 7i enables interactive learning. Powered with robust technology, this is made for the modern classrooms. These boards are built to provide hands-on and interactive learning to the students.  This easy-to-use boards enable teachers and students to interact with learning resources or contact in a natural way using either their finger or pen.

All In One” is designed as a PLUG and PLAY iWB solution using patented Surface Light Wave (SLW) Technology


A one-of-a-kind All-in-One, CLEVERBoard A1 is a fully-integrated solution. It has a projector, PC, speaker, and central control, and is ready to PLUG and PLAY on installation. Experience true collaborative learning with the Cleverboard A1 interactive whiteboard system. The A1 offers user an extraordinarily natural learning experience that makes it easy to interact with lesson content.

Clevertouch has combined superior connectivity, innovative software, and a simple user interface to create the most enhanced model yet.


Clevertouch V Series has projectors without the disadvantages of it. No obscuring shadows and no issues with bright light. This entire range showcases beautiful screens and simple controls, allowing teachers to focus on what really matters.