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Cleverstore 2.0

If you're looking to get students engaged, the Cleverstore can dramatically alter your classroom dynamic. From storytelling to making maths more visual, apps make learning interactive and fun.

The Clevertouch is the only interactive display with its own built in app store letting you start teaching straight from the box. Uniquely, the Clevertouch works without attaching a PC; although you can do that as well. Cleverstore offers over a100 educational apps that engage and excite children in ways that are so natural to them there is no barrier between the technology and their learning.


Cleverstore 2.0 highlights

The Cleverstore has a huge range of apps which are ideal for students of all age groups and abilities. Explore maths, literacy, foreign languages, science, history, and more.
  • Hundreds of educational apps for all age groups, across all core subjects
  • No costs to download and use full versions of all apps
  • No adverts or in-app purchases
  • No inappropriate content
  • Apps in over 30 languages with easy to use filtering
  • Complementary resources on the Clevertouch website to support teaching with apps