It makes sense to choose

No one understands education technology solutions as we do.

No one builds products dedicated for education other than us.

No one supports through the entire product life cycle like us.

Customer Success
our customers define us and they are our stakeholders

Truly Edu Tech Co
we understand education and our products are build for education

End to end’ Edu Tech solutions
No one has the wide range of edu tech solutions like us

Education Consultants
our client relationship is managed by educators

Market Leader
you are working with the market leader in our home country

Fastest growing tech company
customers trust us more which propels our growth

Service Support infrastructure
Service support infra in 4 locations

touch and feel our products at our Innovation center

Inside Sales team
One stop window for customers and channels

Research and Development
we invest US $2M annually on product innovationand our products are build for education

In country and $ billing
ZD billing for STPI/ SEZ customers as well as local billing

Pre Defined Channel Strategy
Dial a demo, log a deal, target based programs, etc.